Monday, 25 April 2011

All aboard!

Aha, I'm on the train to TEDxSabarmati and it's racing along! I finally got to meet Team Eureka, the core team,  who had a brain storming session yesterday. Around eight lattes were downed and a million ideas came up. Working towards making this event a rewarding experience. The people who are slated to speak at the event are special in their own way and I'm waiting to hear what they have to say. Not just on the mic at TEDxSabarmati but also on their phones during their interview.Yup, I hope to get personal interviews exclusively for TEDxSabarmati! Meanwhile, loads of other work is going on with the lights, stage design, sound and other aspects being worked on. Prateeq Kumar, one of our speakers very kindly agreed to design our passes and website. Woot, everyone's working at full pace!

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