Monday, 25 April 2011

One Ticket to TEDxSabarmati, Please.

The bottom of my laptop is becoming hotter by the minute. My Facebook chat status has switched to Idle. A quick glance at the clock and some not so quick mental arithmetic tells me that it has been 27 minutes since I sat down in front of my laptop with my right foot tucked under me and a glass of apple juice by my side. The drink is still untouched and my foot is now tingling. I still haven’t figured out what I am supposed to write. Writing an article that will be my ticket to being a modest part of TEDxSabarmati is no trivial task. Contemplating it gives me strange feeling, it’s how most people feel when they are standing first in line, on top of the highest and steepest slide they’ve ever seen.  After all, TED talks feature some very inspired and inspiring people. Besides, I’ll have something to say during those awkward moments when people ask me what I’m doing this vacation. So anyway, I want to give it a shot, what I hope is my best shot, and try to fill in the prestigious position of Blog Manager of TEDxSabarmati. The clock now shows 33 minutes and as I stare at my screen again, I sigh. Crafting article, what on earth is a crafting article? I haven’t the slightest idea. Neither Google nor Collins Dictionary have been able to answer and every time I try to open a chat window to ask Aastha, she goes offline. What am I to do? Except of course, write 297 words to say that the last two lines of her most recent Facebook message have filled me with more anxiety than she knows, until she reads this, of course.

-Adnah Bright

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