Monday, 4 April 2011

A Flowing River of Ideas

On a sunny afternoon in 1411, on the banks of the river "Sabarmati", Ahmed Shah got his "Eureka Moment" and decided to lay the founding stone of a new establishment after observing a courageous rabbit scaring off a bully dog. That establishment has now turned into the sprawling metropolis called "Ahmedabad".

Over the years, the river Sabarmati has flow parallelly with the flow of ideas on its banks. Beginning with Ahmed Shah, here have been numerous individuals who have had the click of the lightbulb, that is their Eureka moment on the banks of this river. It startedout with the various Jain merchants who had migrated form Rajasthan looking for newer business opportunities. A lot of the businessmen set up their first ventures right on the banks of this city.

Soon came the industrial revolution and the era of the textile industries in Ahmedabad. This textile revolution started out as the brainchild of a few rich merchants while they were strolling on the banks of Sabarmati. Soon this idea grew to such an extent that Ahmedabad was nicknamed "Manchester of India". At a certain point of time in the 20th century, there were over 20 mills on the banks of the Sabarmati.

Talking of Sabarmati, how can one forget the Sabarmati Ashram which was the prime residence of the Mahatma himself. It was in the courtyard of this residence on the banks of the Sabarmati where Mahatma Gandhi planned the Dandi march which is said to be one of the most successful peace protests in the history of mankind. 

Today, the banks of the river Sabarmati are the locations of one of the most modern developments in the city- The Riverfront. It is this idea that will change the face of the city for eternity. From the past to the future, this river has been witness to a truly revolutionary "Flowing River of Ideas".


  1. hey guys , just saw u r story in the AM ...would love to come to natarani on 28 may...plz let me know the registration details ....super initiative guys , keep the good work going !

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