About Team Eureka!

Aastha Kankariya is a young leader, an enthusiast and an artist by personality with an ambition to be a successful entrepreneur. She started her role as a leader, by struggling and initiating the formation of the first Girls’ Soccer Team of Ahmedabad. Following that, she also successfully initiated a few youth environmental movements as well. Her love and passion for Nature brought out the, environmental activist in her. She thinks beyond the conventional limits. Developing her creative side, she participated in photography and other creative competitions at the state level. Music and reading are her favorite hobbies that she indulges herself with in her free time while the active sports person in her favors golf and squash. Curiosity is the spark that keeps her most alive. Inquisitive by nature, she likes to questions the given and challenge the norms. Apart from all these varied interest and skills, she is also keen about Politics.

Jitendra Pandey is an educator who would love to live in a world of dreams created by J.K. Rowling and Stephine Meyer’s creations. He is interested in Economics and Literature and has been a practicing academician for over a decade. Adding to his many accolades, he recently was felicitated with an award for his international case paper on “Impact of Gender Friendly Policies on Retaining, Motivating and Hiring Women Employees ”He paints as an expression of his emotional side and organized his exhibitions at various places in Gujarat. He follows and idolizes Ms. Kiranbir Sethi's education philosophy. He uses TED videos quite frequently to bring to his classerooms the wonderful symphony of humanity. He tries to develop the creativity and talent of each child he is associated with, as an individual. He spends his spare time indulging in music and writing. A theater enthusiast, he has written and directed plays for youth festivals and cultural events.

Keval Hutheesing, Agrawal is pursuing his education with Diploma Programme offered by International baccalaureate organization. He comes from the royal Hutheesing family of Ahmedabad. He is a descendant of Sheth Hutheesing Kesrising who had commissioned the landmark Hutheesing Temple in Ahmedabad. He is an academics oriented student who has been consistently excelling in science and math related examinations on national levels. He is interested in pursuing a research oriented career in mathematics or derivatives of mathematics. He had recently conducted a statistical survey and created a report with the data about the vegetable vendors of Ahmedabad. Via this report, he has showcased his analytical skills by giving valid reasons about the sudden price rise of vegetables in India. Apart from academics, he is interested in soccer and playing the guitar.

Rohan Agrawal is pursuing his education with Diploma Programme offered by International baccalaureate organization. He is a National Level Badminton player who has represented his state in numerous National tournaments since the past five years. He has been ranked in the Top 3 Badminton Players of his state since 2 Years.Over the years, he has learned to balance Academics and Sports as he believes that both are essential and in grain numerous in valuable qualities. He has great interest in the fields of Business & Management and has recently marked the completion of his first Business Plan which was based on “Establishing a Restaurant Chain on the Indian Highways”. The plan was selected by an organization called “The Indus Entrepreneurs” as an exemplar in one of their classes. Via this report, he
marked a solution to the unappreciable Highway Hospitality on the Indian Highways.

Zubeen Agrawal is pursuing his education with Diploma Programme offered by International baccalaureate organization. He is a dept with machines and is much interested at practical applications of the sciences. He had recently developed a prototype hydrogen combustion car. He plans to choose a career on similar lines. He hails from a family involved in business. He is also an accomplished drummer who has been playing since the last four years. He has also been a part of his school band. He plays songs of the rock and metal genre. He has been regularly involved in event management and has managed events like the school carnival and full-scale theatre productions. He has a lot of experience in managing the sound and light consoles as a specialization.