Wednesday, 11 May 2011


It's summer time and I'm getting more tanned, thirsty and tired each day. But then again, every passing day brings the 28th of May a little closer. I'm pretty much zapped and raise your hand if you become bad tempered and moody when you're exhoausted but I've got everlasting love that keeps me going and stops me from becoming a monster, and yes, I'm talking about the love of Christ here so please keep those imaginations in check.
Anyway, I've just jotted down a few tips to defeat the heat.. Yeah, I know "beat the heat" sounds cooler but it's been so overused..
--- I got one word for you - HYDRATE
--- Go get sunscreen. P.S. - buy the most appropriate one for you.. dont let those rashes remind you how sensitive your skin is.
--- Try to go out more in the evening than in the morning..

Yeah, they're basic and plain common sense and you probably hear it every summer so this is just a little "DO NOT FORGET" note..

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