Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Awesome Things

Team Eureka met at Reading Tree today. I wasnt there but "Reading" is what I'm writing about today. Before that, just one more video for you today. An introduction of sorts to the name behind http://1000awesomethings.com.

An awesome website that talks about the little things that make you say AWESOME! (Looks like two 'awesome's in one sentence is one 'awesome' too many to be awesome). Now how awesome was that last sentence? Hehe, raise your hand if you're sick of the word that I better not mention again [in this sentence]. Anyway, 1000awesomethings is a sort of daily pick-me-up, a heartwarming blog that causes the people in the same room as you to tolerantly shake their heads as you quietly chuckle at your screen. I think it's a great (aren't you happy that I didnt say awesome) read. Honestly, Neil Pasricha's blog makes me close my eyes and say a big Thank you to Jesus, the #1 Awesome person in my life.

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