Monday, 16 May 2011

For All The Time You Spent Scratching Your Head Over Physics

Yes, just one exercise to go... So how annoying is it when you've been working on the first and easiest problem for 10 minutes and it seems like you're getting nowhere? Very? Well, here's what you do. Get up from that table, hop around a bit to rid your feet of that weird tingling sensation ( I just found out it's called Paresthesia), go to your "sleeping" laptop, open Google Chrome and  type into your address bar. Voila, if all goes well, you're back at your table, ready to face that problem and more in under 20 minutes. Unless, of course you decide to sign into Facebook, which means all other books will have to wait as you grin with anticipation at the sight of 26 notifications only to discover you now have to delete 26 spam videos from your wall.
Anyway, Khan Academy is one of the reasons you should thank God for the Internet. They have videos and exercises covering arithmetic, physics, finance, history and that's not allGive it a shot. Here's a video on Newton's First Law of Motion..

If you liked that, or even if you didnt, you can watch Salman Khan, the name behind the Academy talk at TED2011...

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