Thursday, 12 May 2011

One Day At A Time

I am glad to be alive. Honestly, today was quite an eye-opener. Ever been trapped with 6 other people in an elevator meant for five with the watchman away on holiday? No? I thought so. Well, that's exactly what happened to me today and boy, did those adrenal glands go into overdrive. Though I was quite calm mentally and was praying, physically, my legs were tingling. Getting out of that lift unharmed and wiser made me realize how much we take for granted our safety. 
If that wasnt enough to make me grateful, I was also witness to a car enveloped in flames. What a day! Anyway, valuable lesson learnt. Even as you count the days to 28 May, I say Hallelujah for every day that was, is and is to come.

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